About Us

Magnolia Ridge Realty is a locally-owned independent real estate brokerage serving clients across Middle Tennessee. We strive to ease the stress of first-time home buyers, step-up buyers, and people looking for out-of-state relocations. Our clients include an array of residential and commercial property investors, people that want to downsize, farmland owners, and new construction buyers. 

At Magnolia Ridge Realty, we are not just an average real estate brokerage, we are a people-driven company. Superb customer service and a full luxury real-estate experience remain on top of what we do every day. We are a high-end broker serving the growing population of people looking to reside in Middle Tennessee.  With Magnolia Ridge Realty, people are now afforded a seamless way to access and own the kind of properties they need, only a few clicks away.

Magnolia Ridge Realty was founded on the principle to provide unmatched customer services and a riveting social experience. We are an ensemble of both in-house and external real estate professionals driven with a passion to provide a top-notch experience for its esteemed clients. 

Meet the Team